Deploy and Manage your Applications with Turbo Server

Centrally deploy, patch, and manage your applications and data with Turbo Server. Access securely from desktops and the web, even when offline.

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Centralize Resources

All applications and data are hosted on a single, private cloud and can be accessed from any Windows desktop. Data stays on premise for maximum security.

Data Synchronization

Settings and documents automatically sync across devices. Files and applications are accessible from any computer via an integrated web portal.

Lock Down Desktops

Applications are streamed to user desktops and run on clean desktops without administrative privileges. Desktops can be re-imaged and locked-down without sacrificing functionality.

Pain-free Migration

Server supports Windows 8/8.1 and IE 11. Upgrade to the latest Windows operating system without losing compatibility for legacy applications.

Work Offline

Desktop caching and registration allow users to download applications to their machines for offline use.


Applications run using local computer resources. This lightens server loads while allowing organizations to take advantage of existing infrastructure.


With 1-year Maintenance Plan With 3-year Maintenance Plan

Studio + Server

25 end users*

1 server

1 build user license

Studio + Server

25 end users*

1 server

1 build user license

$9,120 $11,700

* $64 per additional end user license

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Annual maintenance is 20% of the initial license cost per year when purchased within an active maintenance period. Maintenance includes access to all product upgrades, patches, and technical support services.

One year of maintenance is required with all initial license purchases.

Should you add additional Build User or End User licenses to your account, maintenance on existing licenses will be pro-rated to the date of the latest purchase, and the maintenance cycle will be reset.

Educational Pricing

Turbo licenses are available at a significant discount to qualified K-12/primary school, college, and university educational institutions.

Please contact us to make a purchase for an educational institution.

Enterprise Users

A Build User license is required for each user of Turbo Studio. An End User license is required for each user of Turbo Server.

End User licenses can also be used in conjunction with Turbo Studio.

For competitive crossgrade from ThinApp, XenApp, or App-V, please contact us for details