Run Legacy IE on Windows 10

Run legacy versions of Internet Explorer such as IE 9 and IE 10, along with any runtimes or plugins, on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016

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Extend the life of existing web applications

  • Use any version of Internet Explorer to access legacy web applications
  • Migrate to Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Microsoft Azure without disruption
  • Safely deploy ActiveX controls, Java, and other extensions in an isolated environment
  • Automatically route users to the correct client configuration with Turbo URL Redirector

Run multiple versions side-by-side

Run multiple versions of browsers, including legacy browsers such as IE8, within a single user session.

Containerize runtimes and plugins as Java, Flash, and .NET and run safely on clean server environments.

Customize components and network settings

Assign custom routing rules and network whitelists/blacklists to specific applications.

Containerized networking improves security by restricting network access to specific servers.

Questions & Answers

Turbo supports containerization of all versions of all major browser, frameworks such as Java and .NET, and browser plugins. This assures consistent access to older web-based applications.

The Turbo URL Redirector automatically routes users to an appropriate browser container when a specific web site is accessed.

Turbo supports all desktop versions of Windows from Windows Vista forward, including Windows 7 and Windows 10; and all server versions of Windows from Windows Server 2008 R2 forward, including Server 2012 and Server 2016.

Browsers, plugins, and runtimes can be quickly configured using the Hub or Turbo command-line interface.

Our team can provide assistance creating container environments for any specific requirements.

Turbo containerized applications can be deployed using your existing desktop management infrastructure, including Microsoft System Center, Active Directory policies, LANDESK, ZENworks, and others. Turbo does not require any additional server infrastructure.

Turbo Containers allow legacy software to run just like a native application, on existing hardware, and with the same user experience, desktop integrations, and performance. Virtual machines require running a separate copy of the OS, which is slower, requires more powerful hardware, and does not maintain a consistent user experience. Running the application remotely using Citrix or RDS requires maintaining a separate set of servers and infrastructure for providing remote connectivity to users.

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