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This minor update to Turbo Studio includes the following updates:

  • The Turbo VM is updated to version 20.10.1534.

  • Support for latest versions of 32-bit Chrome.

  • Support for translating 16-bit window handles for use on 64-bit versions of Windows.

This release also includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Wildcard character ("*") does not match any addresses for IP restrictions.

  • Error occurs when attempting to search the file system panel.

  • Error occurs when building a Portable Executable with a non-standard version format.

  • Snapshot doesn't properly handle the case when a registry value was stored with an invalid null termination.

  • The Login button on the Publish to Server dialog fails.

  • GetThreadContext Win32 API saves an incorrect register state.

  • A Recycle Bin is corrupted error may appear intermittently when running remote applications.


This minor update to Turbo Studio includes fixes for the following issues:

  • The Turbo VM is updated to version 20.6.1523.

  • Shutdown Process Tree setting doesn't apply to processes started from startup shims or services.

  • Virtual fonts are not enumerated properly.

  • Setup Capture does not detect changes registry paths directly to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

  • Setup Capture fails if a file or directory path contains repeated slash characters.

  • Error occurs on Studio startup when virtual drives are shown.

  • The default file extension is not used if the filename contains a period character.

  • Clarified how to add new items in Studio dialogs containing list controls.

  • Startup shim information is lost when importing a layer.

  • Error occurs when a configuration is reloaded after a failed publish attempt.

  • The incorrect layer can be shown after a publish operation.

  • Error when performing a filesystem search if nodes were not selected.

  • Configurations with AnyCpu target architecture showed the 32-bit file system tree.


This minor update to Turbo Studio includes the following usability and reliability improvements:

  • Update Turbo VM to 20.5.1515.

  • Virtual fonts are not being found when using GDI+ intefaces.

  • Caching error for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 container running on machine with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 installed.

  • Error when moving virtual directories to Merge isolated locations.

  • Show returned value in trace logs for NtQueryValueKey.


This minor update to Turbo Studio includes the following usability and reliability improvements:

  • Adds ability to customize the default process exclusions for Capture using the SnapshotSettings.xml configuration file.

  • Updates the Save and Load snapshot files feature.

  • Update xappl file associations so that the configuration file is loaded.

  • Fixes a crash when deleting the active layer.

  • Fixes an issue with Run & Merge to prevent merging of all layers in a dependency tree.


This minor update to Turbo Studio includes the following usability and reliability improvements:

  • The integrated Turbo VM engine has been updated to 20.4.

  • Compatibility improvements when Windows Protected Processes are enabled.

  • The print spooler process (splwow64.exe) is excluded from the Turbo VM.

  • Fix for an intermittent web service initialization error on Windows Server 2012R2/2016.

  • Turbo Studio window minimum size constraints have been reduced to fit better on smaller monitors.

  • The Layer Editor dialog has been updated to better handle row moves and layer renames.

  • Setup Capture now captures new files even when files are empty.


This minor update to Turbo Studio includes fixes for the following issues:

  • The integrated Turbo VM engine has been updated to 20.3.1505.

  • Publish now checks for name conflicts when publishing to a Turbo Server or local repository.

  • Added the ability to change the order of layers from within the Studio UI.

  • Added the ability to publish an image into multiple layers.

  • Fixes an error importing images from the Turbo.net Hub when the client is logged into another Hub.

  • Assures that the default name for new layers is valid to be published.


This minor update to Turbo Studio includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Crash may occur after certain Save or Publish operations.

  • UI becomes temporarily unresponve after building large configurations.

  • The Run & Merge command now uses the Studio login server rather than the local client login server.

  • Image export can fail if a Files directory is already present in the target location.

  • Login to a Turbo Server is no longer required to publish to a local repository.

  • Title bar updates to indicate the configuration has changed when the build output field is modified.

  • Build output field updated to show relative rather than absolute paths.


This release of Turbo Studio includes a number of updates related to Setup Capture of Windows services:

  • Process filtering heuristics have been updated to allow capture of a wider range of service installs.

  • Services are captured regardless of Current Control Set setting.

  • Setup Capture updated to support services capture regardless of base isolation setting.


This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • New! Publish to Turbo Server and Publish to Local Repository workflow updated to allow configuration of individual layer metadata during the publication process.

  • New! Simplified workflow using Run & Merge to build configuration layers.

Other bug fixes included in this release:

  • Removed Save As hotkey (CTRL+A) to avoid interference with Select All behavior.


Turbo Studio 20 is here! This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • New! Major update to user interface brings Modern UI styling to Studio.

  • New! Application Capture allows capture of setup without need for snapshots. Just push Record and install as you would normally. Studio automatically generates a Turbo image on completion.

  • New! Process Filtering automatically removes filesystem and registry entries based on source process, greatly simplifying image optimization. Intelligent defaults reduce most need for manual pruning.

  • Updated! Support for direct upload to Turbo.net and the new on-premises Turbo Server 20, including ability to set application metadata on layers.

  • Updated! The Turbo VM engine has been updated to 20.2.1499, including support for the latest versions of Windows 10.

Other bug fixes included in this release:

  • Add visual cues for when external layer dependencies are not present.

  • Fix snapshot of registry multi-string values with non-Unicode characters

  • Fix a crash when temporary VM storage is not available.

  • Fix machine type checking for non-executable images.


This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • VM engine updates to 19.6.1427.28.

  • Add ability to create new layers and modify layer conditions.

  • Add ability to change FaultExecutablesIntoSandbox virtual machine setting.

  • Add ability to exclude specific CLSIDs from COM virtualization.

  • Add AggressiveRegistrySandboxCachePolicy virtual machine setting for improved startup performance for large numbers of virtual registry entries.

  • Add ability to precache registry sandbox with /XPrecache=RegistrySandbox.

  • Add new Win10 mechanisms for deleting, renaming, and linking files.

  • Change default value of FaultExecutablesIntoSandbox to enabled.

  • Rename MACHINE and MACHINERUNTIME layer condition types to APPARCHITECTURE and OSARCHITECTURE respectively.

  • Fix for publish to Turbo Server.

  • Fix for property status code when attempting to change readonly file attributes.

  • Fix how write-copy registry key access flags are propagated during NtCreateKey calls.

  • Fix deadloack in heap allocation calls.

  • Fix ForceIndicateRunningElevated virtual machine flag to work with group permissions checks.

  • Fix NtEnumerateKey return values for partial buffers.

  • Fix dependency on comctl32.dll.

  • Fix online documentation link.


This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • VM engine updates to 19.6.1427.11.

  • Add support for the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview, build 18941 (20H1).

  • Fix for applications using side-by-side DLLs failing to start because unable to load a required component.

  • Fix for "How do you want to open this file" dialog appearing when using the context menu to open a file with a registered application.

  • Fix for snapshot process failing to capture the icon for a file association if its DefaultIcon registry key is not defined.

  • Fix for Control Panel Programs and Features entry not properly removed when the Turbo Studio is upgraded.

  • Fix for Turbo Studio installer does not honoring DPI settings.

  • Fix for generated .tls files to improve compatibility with security software.

  • Fix for virtual cmd.exe to digitally sign the stubexe.

  • Fix for rare application hang on Windows 10.

  • Fix for compatibility issues with SofTrack licensing software.

  • Fix for crash when attempting to write a DVD.

  • Fix for incorrect isolation when installing services inside a container.

  • Fix for virtual services not stopping in some cases.

  • Fix for startup error 0xc0000018.


This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • VM engine updates to 19.3.1392.1.

  • Fix for initialization script error when mixing x86 and x64 startup files.

  • Fix support for "*" in ProcessorArchitecture field of SxS manifest.

  • Fix for IE9 container hijacking URL launches from desktop shortcut.

  • Fix for how "?" wildcard is resolved in command prompt.

  • Fix splash image to be shown before startup shims.

  • Fix for COM instantiation in Office 365.

  • Fix for vcredist load error.

  • Fix to prevent boostrap process from using system32 DLLs from the sandbox.

  • Improve performance for applications which perform many memory mapping operations.

  • Improve compatibility with AppContainer isolated applications.

  • Improve compatibility with anti virus by removing need for *.tls files being written.

  • Add ability to hide system drive in virtual explorer windows (file open, etc).

  • Add support for Node Package Manager (npm).

  • Add support for Autodesk Inventor 2019.


This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • Required update for Windows 10 Insider Preview 18305

  • VM engine updates to 18.12.1378

  • Fix the XStudio command-line tool to support network connections over TLS 1.2 for downloaded linked components and runtimes.

  • Fix uninstall entry for a Turbo-packaged MSI to display the application icon.

  • Fix IP Restrictions panel to show a scrollbar when the number of entries overflow the Studio window.

  • Fix exporting a configuration from an image where references to @SYSWOW64@ may be dropped if the path contains a resource ID.

  • Fix exporting a configuration from an image where the privatize flag is dropped.

  • Fix running the 64-bit version of PowerShell. Previously attempting to start a 64-bit PowerShell instance resulted in start of the 32-bit version.

  • Fix process hang during startup in rare conditions.

  • Fix process crash during application startup when SentinelOne security software is present.

  • Fix DeleteSandbox setting failing to completely remove all files on exit.

  • Fix WriteCopy registry isolation when running native installation of Office 365 in virtual environment.

  • Add ExtendedAppLockerCompatibility flag that disables AppLocker DLL rules that are incompatible with virtualization.

  • Add IsolateDDE flag to isolate DDE messages coming from outside the container.

  • Change default target architecture for configurations from x86 to x64.

  • Improve shutdown processing during ExitProcess calls.


This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • Required update for Windows 10 October (1809)

  • VM engine updates to 18.9.1321

  • Fix race condition that results in error 0xD0000018.

  • Fix error R6025 - Pure Virtual Function Call error when using Bitdefender with Advanced Threat Control.

  • Fix certain stubexes not having a digital certificate.

  • Fix the Shutdown process tree VM setting from incorrectly terminating the container if Startup script is used.

  • Fix importing of packaged applications that have a Startup script.

  • Fix setting the correct startup file when importing an application from Turbo.net that has more than one image.

  • Fix Turbo Studio title bar and minimize button.

  • Add support for Machine SID cloning to support Google Chrome settings synchronization.

  • Add support for Chrome's internal DNS resolver.

  • Add scroll bars in Network Panel > IP Restrictions when the list exceeds the viewable area.

  • Add support for TLS 1.2 encryption to XStudio command-line build tool.

  • Add help tooltips for project output types.

  • Improve the error message when a build fails because of a missing Layer image.

  • Improve snapshot compatibility by automatically excluding SideBySide\PublisherPolicyChangeTime registry values.


This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • Container startup and shutdown scripts: Ability to specify scripts that run on container start and end without building a shim DLL

  • Snapshot improvements: Improved handling of Universal CRT runtime for Win10 compatibility, properly handle case where child registry key and value have the same name, improve Microsoft Office snapshot, improve Microsoft Internet Explorer snapshot

  • VM engine updates to 18.6.1303

  • Fix blank entries in 'Layers' panel

  • Fix inherit properties behavior when only partially inheriting values

  • Fix error when saving after 'Run & Merge'

  • Fix duplication of named object isolation after merging platforms

  • Fix incorrect recording of snapshot environment version

  • Fix unhandled exception when selecting uninitialized platform layer


This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • Snapshot improvements: Additional snapshot logging, improved configuration pruning, proper handling of api-*.dll and ucrtbase.dll, control of snapshot directory enablement.

  • Fix crash when access network resources on Windows 10

  • VM logs flushed to dbgview if fails early in life cycle

  • SSMS 17 fails to start if ssms.exe is in the configuration

  • SSMS 2016 vshub.exe crashes sporadically with access violation

  • Ordinal 343 could not be located in msenv.dll

  • Properly handle .local files

  • DLL is loaded from system32 path instead of exe path

  • pip install requests hangs in builds using python 3.4.4

  • PowerBuilder17 application errors out with 0xD0000141

  • Fix build error when using Active Directory startup settings


This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Support: Fixes to crashes on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update platform (1709).

  • Windows 10 Insider Preview 17035+ Support: Fixes to crashes on Windows 10 Insider Preview platform (17035+).

  • Snapshot improvements: Fixes for virtual progids, compatability with 32bit applications on 64bit, and error handling for invalid registry values and <shortcuts></shortcuts>.


This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • Windows 10 Creators Update Support: Fixes to crashes on Windows 10 Creators Update platform.

  • Snapshot improvements: Fixes for 32bit applications running on x64 platforms and support for registry symbolic links.


This release of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • Portable Exes: Turbo.net Pro users can use studio to create portable applications from Turbo.net hub.

  • Windows 10 Redstone 2 Support: Fixes to crashes on Windows 10 Redstone 2 platform.

  • Turbo.net Hub Integration: Template and import wizards can now browse and pull repos directly into studio.


Release 16 of Turbo Studio includes the following new features and updates:

  • Windows 10 support: Turbo Studio 16 uses the new Turbo VM engine, which includes support for Windows 10. This update is critical for allowing virtualized applications to run on Windows 10 and is therefore strongly recommended for all users of previous versions of Studio (Spoon Studio).

  • Support for Turbo container repositories: Turbo Studio 16 can import and export VM configurations directly from local container repositories. This makes it easy to move between the console-based container and graphical Studio interfaces for creating, viewing, and editing Turbo VM configurations.

  • Publish to Turbo.net: Turbo Studio 16 supports publishing to the new Turbo.net hub. Turbo.net provides thousands of ready-to-use virtual environments and makes it easy to publish and share virtual environments with team members and the web.

  • Architecture merge: Turbo Studio 16 supports dynamic conditional layering based on CPU architecture (x86 or x64). This allows a single Turbo VM image to be deployed that supports both 32- and 64-bit versions of an application. Previous versions of Studio only supported conditional layering based on operating system version.

  • New “Run and Merge” launch mode: The new Run and Merge launch mode launches the application inside a Turbo VM container. Changes to the application configuration during execution are captured and merged back into the active Studio configuration on application shutdown. This enables an easier workflow for configuration changes that can be made within the application interface and does not require manual editing of registry keys or files.

  • Improved environment variable controls: Turbo Studio 16 supports new merge semantics for environment variables. This allows applications requiring specific merge or environment variable override behaviors to work properly on all desktops.


This release includes critical compatibility updates for Windows 8.1 as well as many performance and usability improvements, including:

  • Support for Windows 8.1!

  • Improved compatibility with with anti-virus software (stub executable path selection)

  • Improved Service Control Manager virtualization, including ability to “net start” and “net stop” within the virtual environment

  • Fixed resolution of registry conflicts when importing registry keys into a configuration

  • Improved error messages for configuration errors

  • Compatibility fixes for SQL Compact Edition