Releases - Turbo Server

Deploy and Manage your Applications with Turbo Server

Centrally deploy, patch, and manage your applications and data with Turbo Server. Access securely from desktops and the web, even when offline.


  • Add support for load balanced portal server.
  • Add support for hub image cache.
  • Add Drive Visibility customization to workspace application page.
  • Add launch method and client type to analytics UI.
  • Allow admin to configure jvm settings for broker and hub.
  • Fix workspace admins could not edit workspace permissions.
  • Fix AD group restrictions should not apply to workspace admin view.
  • Fix Source field when federating to a server.
  • Fix browser support check to allow IE11 compatability mode.
  • Fix custom error pages on Apache proxy errors.
  • Fix hub validation on federation settings form.
  • Fix ability to install to desktop even if no app servers are available.
  • Fix session logging for global repos.
  • Fix portal page load performance.


  • Add group permissions for repositories
  • Add limit to number of versions that are synced for automatic federation
  • Add ability to add apps to the dashboard from other namespaces
  • Add support for command line params in app launch config service
  • Fix intermittent upgrade crash because service is marked for deletion but not deleted
  • Fix that service account is reset on upgrade
  • Fix proxy timeout error when federating large repositories


  • Added support for Windows 10 April (1903)
  • Added support for connecting to the new Turbo Streaming Server portal
  • Added optional application configuration service to support launching from custom portals
  • Updated Turbo Client Runtime to 19.2.1917
  • Updated Turbo VM to 19.1.1381
  • Turbo Portal Server has been deprecated in place of Turbo Streaming Server


  • Added support for Windows 10 October (1809)
  • Added support for Chrome 71+ browser in portal server
  • Updated Turbo Client Runtime to 18.10.1788
  • Updated Turbo VM to 18.10.1321
  • Updated encryption protocols to use TLS 1.2 encryption standard
  • Disabled weak encryption protocols and ciphers
  • Fixed an issue that prevented admins from entering a Hub API key in the Federation Settings page
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Active Directory users from logging in when there are too many user groups


  • New statistics and reporting for Hub
  • Ability to create non-admin API keys
  • Fixed installation issues with Windows 10/2016
  • Updated VM and Client with expanded compatibility and stability for Windows 10