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Turbo Studio Articles

Tour: Containerizing .NET, Java, and ASP.NET applications

Two new tutorials have been added to the Tour area.

Tour: Subscribing a XenApp farm to

Need to subscribe an entire XenApp farm to a set of containerized applications?

Improved Error Handling in TurboScript provides thousands of images ready to go in the Hub. But if one of those doesn’t do the trick, TurboScript is a great way to create your own images.

Running Containers as Different Domain Users

By default Turbo containers will run in the security context of the user executing the turbo command. But what if we need to run as a different user?

Shell Extensions and Containers

The latest Turbo client update (3.33.1046) introduces support for shell context menus (right-click actions). Let’s walk through the process of adding a containerized application to your environment.

Deploying Turbo with MSI

As of version 3.33.1016, the Turbo client is available as MSI installer. This makes it easy to deploy Turbo using Group Policy and InTune.

Eliminate Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Dependencies

Managing Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime redistributables in a multi-host environment is a serious headache.

Ad Blocking in Containers

Ad blocking is important for improving user experience, maximizing performance, and eliminating an important source of security vulnerabilties.

New Container Build and Deployment Guides

We have updated our documentation with new step-by-step guides on building and deploying applications as Turbo containers.

New Web Features: Device Management, Channels, and More

The dashboard now includes device management, improved application management panels, and a new public channel page.


For enterprises distributing third-party and line-of-business apps.

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