Deploy and Manage your Applications with Turbo Server

Centrally deploy, patch, and manage your applications and data with Turbo Server. Access securely from desktops and the web, even when offline.

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Bolster Security

On-Premise Storage

Applications and data are held on-site, enhancing accessibility while allowing organizations to retain total control over data.

Lock Down Desktops

Applications run in virtualized environments independently of the host OS. Machines can be locked down and frequently re-imaged without losing data or functionality.

AD/LDAP Compatible

Easily import existing AD/LDAP systems into Turbo Server to maintain identities across company services.

Centralize Data

Users save all data to their account in the private cloud. Users can be blocked from saving to insecure locations on their host machine, preventing inadvertent data leaks.

Isolate Security Holes

Applications and runtimes are isolated from the host system – providing an extra layer of protection against Java, .NET, or application-based security holes.

SSL Compatibility

Protect data by encrypting any synchronization activity or data transfers with SSL.

Simple Administration

Easy OS Migration

Turbo virtual applications are platform-agnostic and can run cross-architecture. Legacy applications can be run on the newest Windows operating systems.

Flexible Data Management

Sandbox data can be stored to the cloud or to end-user devices. Configurable sandboxing policies enhance security for defense and HIPAA compliance scenarios.

Flexible License Management

Flexible license management allows control over total or simultaneous users, or time-based expiration.

Scriptable Interface

Automate administrative tasks with command-line scripting compatibility.

Centralize Updates and Patching

Manage application versions, updates, and patches from a central portal. Shared sandboxes allow application versions to share user settings and files.

Customize Permissions

Create custom environments for different user-groups by setting custom applications.

Data Synchronization

Application Settings

Settings, favorites, and other application state data synchronizes automatically to Turbo Server. Continue working exactly where you left off when you move to a different device.

Sync Documents

Access all of your files across all of your devices. Connect your folders to Turbo with a single click.

One-Click Sharing

Private shares are created with the click of a button. Files can be distributed to team members and across networks with ease.

Automated Backup and Desktop Repair

Server automatically backs up all synchronized content. Repair damaged or corrupted desktops with a single click.

App Virtualization Engine

#1 in Compatibility

Turbo is the only virtualization engine in its class to support virtualization of both 32- and 64-bit applications; system services and databases such as SQL Server; and advanced software technologies such as DCOM and SxS.

Fully User-Mode Virtual Machine

Fully user-mode implementation eliminates the need for device drivers, reboots, and administrative privileges. Deployment models include standalone EXE, MSI package, and HTTP-based delivery via the Turbo browser plugin.

Run Legacy Applications on Windows 8

Turbo allows legacy applications such as Internet Explorer 6 to run properly on Windows 7 and 8, reducing the costs and risks associated with operating system rollouts and assuring business continuity.

Multi-Platform Capabilities

Platform merge allows virtual application behavior to be customized on a per-operating system basis while distributing a single, universal executable. The Turbo virtualization engine automatically resolves incompatibilities between multiple operating system variants.

Advanced Sandbox Isolation Management

Dynamic isolation management allows applications to run both in complete isolation or in shared virtual environments. Sandbox sharing enables data and settings to be shared between related applications.

Unprecedented Performance

Turbo virtualization executes applications at nearly the same speed as native binaries. No host operating system is required, dramatically reducing payload size and providing dramatically superior performance relative to hardware-level virtualization.

Seamless Integration


Server can be administered from any Windows desktop. Set up a new system with little-to-no investments in new infrastructure.


The Turbo virtual machine runs with minimal overhead, so applications run as if they are natively installed.

Register to the Desktop

Create desktop and Start Menu shortcuts for commonly used applications.