Deploy and Manage your Applications with TurboServer

Centrally deploy, patch, and manage your applications and data with TurboServer. Access securely from desktops and the web, even when offline.

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Turbo offers a free 30-day trial for TurboServer. Create an account or sign in to download your trial.

Once your download begins, you will receive an email with your evaluation license file via email.

You may retrieve your licenses from your account page.

To add your evaluation license

Follow the instructions in the installation wizard to setup your server. When the installer finishes, you will be redirected to your server’s Administrator portal. Copy/paste the text from your license file into the “License” field and click “Save” to apply your evaluation license.

For a complete walkthrough of the Server installation, see the Setup page in the Server documentation.

For a complete walkthrough of basic Server administration, see the Deploying to TurboServer page.

Change Log

Current version: 17.0.502.3

New in Server 17!

  • hub for on-premises
  • Federated repositories which can pull automatically from