Who we are

Founded in 2006, Turbo.net is transforming the world of application delivery. We are completely employee-owned, love working for ourselves, and relish the freedom to take on ambitious challenges.

We are software engineers, UX designers, and product managers. In-office Smash tournaments are a weekly occurrence, we get together often for team BBQ's, and we play more board games than we'd like to admit. We work hard, take risks, have fun, and share in each other's success.

Most importantly, we love creating products that millions of people use every day.

What we do

Turbo develops breakthrough containerization, virtualization, streaming, and networking technologies that allow applications of all shapes and sizes to be run instantly, anywhere. Our products are fundamentally changing the way that software is developed, packaged, tested, deployed, and managed.

Thousands of organizations employ Turbo to distribute their enterprise software; tens of thousands of developers love our cross-browser testing and automation capabilities; and every week thousands of people sign up to start streaming applications instead of installing them.

We build new products as quickly as we can dream them up — and invent the novel algorithms and technologies needed to translate those visions into reality.

Our latest project brings application containers to Windows. Turbo’s platform allows you to package applications and their dependencies into a lightweight, isolated virtual environment called a "container." Containerized ("Turboed") applications can then be run on any Windows machine that has Turbo’s plugin installed, no matter the underlying infrastructure. This eliminates installs, conflicts, breaks, and missing dependencies.

Aside from these ongoing projects and staple products, we’re also looking to create Mac, Linux, and mobile versions of Turbo, and we need help from outstanding software engineers, designers, program managers, and more.