Turbo Shell

Turbo Shell

Turbo Shell, spsh, is a REPL-like interactive interface that understands TurboScript syntax.

When Turbo Shell starts, it creates a working container and starts an interactive prompt. Optionally, given a path to a TurboScript file as an argument, it can instead start by executing the TurboScript and only giving up execution control when the script issues a yield instruction. At the end of a Turbo Shell session, the working container is removed unless keep on instruction has been issued.

Turbo Shell scripting capabilities are superset of capabilities offered by turbo build. The differences:

  • The working container is never implicitly committed to an image
  • The copy instruction can be used to copy from anywhere on the host OS
  • There are a number of additional commands available

Additional Command Reference


The commit command commits the working container to an image.

commit [no base] [overwrite]

If no base is specified, base image(s) are not merged into the new image.

If overwrite is specified, any existing images of this name are overwritten.

The name and tag of the image can be controlled by setting meta namespace, name, and tag.


The push command pushes last committed image to the hub.

push [<remote image>]

If the name of remote image is not specified, the image is pushed with the same name as committed locally.

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