A recipe is a set of reproducible instructions used to build an image. These instructions may include information such as software prerequisites, installation steps, registry keys, files, and more.

Recipes may be published to repository pages where they may be viewed by all users who have access to that repository.

Adding a Recipe to an Existing Repository

  1. On the repository page, go to the Recipes tab and click Edit. This page is only visible to your repository owners and organization administrators. Adding a recipe

  2. Make any edits you desire to the recipe and then click Save.

Importing an Existing Recipe

The Import feature allows you to copy an existing recipe from another repository.

  1. On the edit recipe page, click the Import button at the bottom of the page. Importing and exporting recipes

  2. Input the namespace and name of the repository you wish to copy the recipe from then click Import. This requires ownership or organization administrator permissions of both repositories the source and target repositories. Import recipe

Creating an Empty Repository

To publish a recipe to a new repository without pushing an image, you may create an empty repository.

  1. Go to the Settings page of the user or organization to which you wish to add the recipe. This page is only visible to repository owners and organization administrators. Account link
  1. Go to the Repositories tab and click on Create a Repository. Create repository link

  2. Input the name of the repository you wish to create and click Create. You will be redirected to the new repository. Create repository

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